Leadership Circle

What is the Leadership Circle?

AMCHAM Jamaica’s Leadership Circle is an exclusive business community of highly engaged members, whose annual financial support represents a strong commitment and foundation for all trade, investment and business partnership initiatives at Amcham Jamaica. Our Leadership Circle members are actively involved in the Chamber’s ongoing business engagements, both locally and overseas, which have generated increased visibility and growth for their businesses.

Members of the Leadership Circle are major investors in the Chamber and Jamaica. These investments have demonstrated your company’s commitment to playing an enhanced role in creating and growing jobs, promoting business successes and facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI) making Jamaica a great place to live, invest, work, play and raise families. The Leadership Circle benefit package automatically provides your company with enhanced business visibility year-round, access to other top businesses, locally and overseas and premier opportunities to host those clients, prospects and others most important to your business.

Why join?

By participating in our Leadership Circle membership program your organization will be a part of a distinguished group of business leaders whose expertise and vision will enable AMCHAM to fulfill its mission of leading business prosperity within Jamaica through increased FDI, collaborative partnerships and strong business networking. Your company will be seated at a distinguished table with the influence to shape and support new and innovative ways to build the chamber and invest in programs that brings value to t our members businesses and the economy.


In addition to standard Amcham benefits, Leadership Circle members will enjoy an additional array of valuable benefits:


  • Onsite signage recognition for all council members at all AMCHAM Jamaica events
  • Leadership Circle recognition on all printed material such as the AMCHAM Journal
  • Leadership Circle welcome slide on all AMCHAM Jamaica presentations
  • Leadership Circle Company Logo on AMCHAM Jamaica Website, prominently displayed
  • Prominent position on Leadership Circle page on the AMCHAM website which is connected to the AACCLA website. AACCLA represents 24 American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America and the Caribbean with over 20,000 companies.
  • Leadership Circle Leadership Logo for use in your company’s promotional materials

Advocacy and Lobbying

AMCHAM Jamaica and AACCLA regularly arrange delegations locally and internationally to meet with Jamaica Government Officials, US Embassy, and US Administration Officials within the US Chamber on critical issues facing trade and investment.  As a Leadership Circle member, your company will be advised of these meetings and invited to share insights on issues that should be included and, when possible, invited to attend.

Access to Exclusive Events and Programs

AMCHAM Jamaica engages annually with Heads of State, Ministers and Business leaders at a number of events. As a part of the Leadership Circle you will receive priority access to these engagements and private meetings and, where possible, called upon to be a speaker, moderator or panelist.

Marketing and Business Development

In order to provide companies with increased access and profile to Government and Business Leaders (locally and overseas), sponsorship opportunities are often available to AMCHAM members to these events. Leadership Circle members will receive first right of refusal to sponsor these meetings and events.

Priority Access to AMCHAM’S Resources

Leadership Circle members will have priority in the provision and scheduling of AMCHAM member events, including, but not limited to, President’s breakfast, Business Luncheons and Business Seminars

Founding Members

Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies
JMMB Group
NCB National Commercial Bank