Message from the President

In 2017, the American Chamber of Commerce commemorated its 30th year of operations in Jamaica, a major milestone. During that year, we published our Anniversary Supplement, which received phenomenal support from all our members and stakeholders. We also had the distinct pleasure of hosting our Annual General Meeting, in which I was selected as the new President. The members also selected a number of new directors and I wholeheartedly welcome them.

Our membership is growing and we initiated a number of new initiatives. The future for AMCHAM Jamaica is bright as we continue to be the only association in Jamaica with international connections to 28 AMCHAM’s across the Americas and the Caribbean and 116 AMCHAMS across the world. We remain focused on our mandate to grow FDI and to grow the businesses of our members. Our business match-making activities have also grown which connects American investors to Jamaican and American business interests. We will continue to be advocates for our members right here in Jamaica and at the US Chamber of Commerce.

Of note is the agreement, which we signed with the US Chamber of Commerce whereby all our members can now become members of the US Chamber of Commerce (subject to due diligence). This means you will be paying one membership fee to be members of two organisations.

Our agreement with AMCHAM Finland to partner with them on their “Launchpad USA” programme is now off the ground as we facilitate businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses to settle in the USA.

We will continue to provide our members with forums, such as our Leadership Series, which is designed specifically to provide our members with pertinent business information, while making important business connections to drive growth. As the new President, I am committed to meeting with members to discuss business solutions and to see how AMCHAM Jamaica can continue to benefit their businesses. AMCHAM Jamaica is here to serve you, so let’s have a profitable 2018.

Allison Peart
AmCham Jamaica